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Skinnydipping: A Book Review

Now, I never watched Bethenny Frankel on Real Housewives of New York, but I was obsessed with her following 2 shows, Bethenny Getting Married? and Bethenny Ever After.  I love Bethenny (and her daughter is SO cute) and her outspoken personality and sense of humor!  I ordered this book and read it a while back as I decided it sounded like the perfect beach read for my spring break trip to Cancun back in March!  It definitely delivered and was a fun, light read that was perfect for the beach! :)

Title: Skinnydipping
Author: Bethenny Frankel, January LaVoy
Genre: Fiction, Chick Lit
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication Date: May 1, 2012
Pages: 368
Out in Paperback?: Yes; December 4, 2012
My Rating: 4/5


Goodreads Summary:

Two-time New York Times bestselling author and one of TV’s biggest reality stars, Bethenny Frankel presents a sexy, hilarious, and romantic novel about a struggling actress and aspiring businesswoman’s pursuit of the female trifecta: a wildly successful career, the perfect man, and an amazing body. Bestselling author, successful businesswoman, popular reality TV star, natural foods chef, and devoted mom Bethenny Frankel pens the perfect guilty pleasure novel—the sexy, hilarious, and romantic misadventures of a struggling actress and aspiring businesswoman burning through Hollywood and New York in determined pursuit of the female trifecta: the perfect man, job, and body. This outrageously entertaining and bawdy roman à clef follows a business-savvy, would-be actress as she burns through men like she burns through calories—our sexy, loud-mouthed heroine grasps at any opportunity that might take her to the top. 

Listeners will jump at the chance to hear about the thrilling highs and cringe-worthy lows of Bethenny’s first shaky steps into adulthood, told here in a fictional format. Fans know Bethenny won’t shy away from the nitty gritty details of her career failures, romantic faux pas, and wild stories of “only needing a Tic Tac and a coochie” to have a good time on the town—and she will deliver them all with the biting wit her fans have come to love through her TV shows and bestselling nonfiction. While it may be a novel, there is no doubt that this is Bethenny, spilling her funniest stories and juiciest secrets over a few cocktails, with, as always, her trademark honesty: straight from the hip.


Faith Brightstone, the main character, is so much like Bethenny!  Between her personality, her actions, and her sense of humor, the things she says just sound like Bethenny Frankel.  If you like watching Bethenny Frankel on her various reality shows and enjoy her sense of humor, then you will love this character that she has created (and heavily influenced with her own personality).  Faith is very adventurous and willing to take risks, not caring what others think about her and just doing her own thing.  I feel that this type of characteristic makes for a very fun read.  The friends and love interest that she meets along the way are also very likable characters; however, Faith does run into some people who tend to clash with her.  These characters include some of the contestants that she competes against as well as the competition’s host, Sybil Hunter.  Sybil Hunter definitely reminds me of the boss from The Devil Wears Prada (I love that movie!).  She provides the perfect amount of tension and obstacle for Faith to attempt to overcome.  Once again, all these elements make for a fun, light read!


This book follows the adventures of Faith Brightstone, who moves to LA to become as actress, and then moves to New York City a few years later, in a continuous search for fame and fortune.  Once in New York City, Faith makes her way onto a reality TV show with Sybil Hunter as the host.  She is a Martha Stewart-type personality with a tough exterior (Bethenny herself competed on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart – I did not know this until after reading the book and never watched this show).  The book details the various tasks that must be completed for the competition, working with the many contestants, friendships (and enemies) made throughout, and a love interest pops up and develops.  This plot reminds me of Lauren Conrad’s novels (I have read her LA Candy series and enjoyed it); they are light and fun for summer to read while on the beach or laying out in the sun.  They are not complicated or filled with edge-of-your-seat action, but I do enjoy the behind the scenes view of reality TV shows and the light-hearted, easy read that these books provide.

Writing Style:

The writing style isn’t anything to “write home about” (pun obviously intended :) ).  I don’t think its terrible by any means, but I also don’t think its amazing or anything that would really increase my rating for the book.  The best part about the writing style is that Bethenny’s voice really shines through.  Her humor and her ability to say whatever without a care are definitely prominent in the main character, Faith. 

Have you read this book?  What did you think?  Are you a Bethenny fan because of her reality shows like I am?  I believe I read (maybe in the back of this book) that Faith might be going on another adventure … would you read the sequel if it came out?  I think I would definitely check it out, especially if I was heading on a beach vacation! :)

Spring Break 2013 - Cancun!

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