Monday, April 7, 2014

1 Year Anniversary!

Well I did it!  I made it 1 whole year on this book blog, 
A Nook of Blankets and Books!

I began this book blog on April 7, 2013.  It wasn't easy at times, writing blog posts the night before or even the morning of the day I wanted to post them, but I don't believe I have missed a Sunday yet!

I even enjoyed posting on Saturdays ... more miscellaneous posts, of course, but it was still so much fun!

This past year I also received some of my first books to review, including joining NetGalley and iRead Book Tours!

I feel like I have grown an incredible amount over the past year, and I can't wait to continue reading and reviewing!

Here's to another year!


  1. Congratulations!!

    I'm a bookworm also and started my own bookblog nearly a month ago.

    I'd love for you to check it out :)


  2. Thank you! I would love to check out your blog! :)