Sunday, April 20, 2014

We Love Books Tag

I saw this tag go around a little while ago, but I still thought that it would be fun to answer!  Also, I don't think I have answered tag questions in a little while, so I thought it would be a perfect time.  Below are my answers to the "We Love Books" tag questions!

What one book from your collection would you keep if all the rest had to be thrown out or taken away? (just one book!)

OMG why are my books getting thrown out and taken away?!?  Rude... Regardless, this is a tough question.  I think the ONE book that I would take with me would be ... The Other Boleyn Girl!  This is one of my all time favorite books; I chose this one because I love the balance between romance and action, and Philippa Gregory's writing is beautiful!  Also, this book isn't dependent on any other books, so I wouldn't have to worry about leaving some of a series behind.

Each time you read, do you like to have something to munch on or to drink next to you?

I usually will have a water bottle next to me, however, I try not to eat near my books for fear that I will spill on them.  :/

Love of books: when did it start and what was one of the first books that you read?

My love of books began as a young child.  My mom would always let me and my older brother pick out books when we went to the store.  When I was too young to read on my own, she would read to me, and I can specifically remember days where we would read book after book.  My favorites as a child included Angelina Ballerina, Dinner at Panda Palace, and The Berenstain Bears.  I also loved Junie B. Jones when I got a little older!

One book you would never go back and re-read ever?

One book I would never have to re-read would be If I Lie by Corrine Jackson.  I personally didn't care for this book, especially because the big secret that the main character is keeping as she is bullied is revealed in the first couple chapters.  I would have preferred to have more suspense throughout the novel.

Very romantic or very full of action?

I prefer a nice blend between the two: some romance with some action.  However, if I have to chose, I would say full of action. I definitely prefer action and plot twists and turns throughout my novels.

End of a book: cliffhanger or no cliffhanger?

As much as I hate cliffhangers because I immediately want the next book in the series, I do love the events that make you want to read more and stay immersed in the world.

Big books or small books?

I guess I am right down the middle again.  Medium-sized books work well for me.  But again, if I have to chose, I would go with bigger books since I feel that there is more time for plot and character development.

Only one genre or a mixture?

I definitely like a mixture of genres.  I typically prefer historical fiction and young adult fiction, but I also love contemporary in the summertime!

Olden day books, present day, or future? (Victorian era type books, present day, or dystopian type books)

I am really torn.  I loved The Hunger Games and other dystopian books.  I think they are unique, and it is interesting to read about future worlds.  However, I think I am going to have to pick olden day books because of my love of Philippa Gregory's historical fiction series, some of which take place in the 1400s and 1500s.

Katniss or Hermione?

Ummm... I really did love Katniss (especially since she was played by Jennifer Lawrence in the films).  However, I think I am going to have to side with Hermione; she is intelligent and sweet!

Stand alone or Series?

I think I am going to go with stand-alone novels.  As much as I love the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games series, I prefer having a story summed up into one book and not feeling the pressure to continue on with the rest of a long series!


  1. Finally someone with the same book values as me!! I agree with all of your answers! How great is Jen-Law?!


    1. Oh I'm so glad!! :) And I am obsessed with J-Law! Her interviews are too funny!

  2. Yess! She is so down to earth and just all round incredible!