Sunday, May 18, 2014

About Me Tag

I have never done an "About Me" tag before where I answer questions so that you can get to know me better.  I thought this would be so much fun to do since you all know about my favorite books and authors, now you can find out about my other favorites!

1. Do you have a middle name?

I do have a middle name - Ann!

2. What was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is history!  I love learning about other times in history, and I think that is why I love historical fiction so much!

3. What’s your favorite drink?

This is super boring, but my favorite drink is water!  I don't really drink anything else as I don't care for coffee or pop.  Sometimes I do enjoy lemon water though!

4. Favorite song at the moment?

My favorite song changes constantly!  Right now I am really loving Bowling For Soup's High School Never Ends!  It is SO catchy!

5. What would you name your children?

You know ... I have never given this much thought.  Children are definitely a long way away, but I have always loved the names Katherine or Elizabeth for girls and Zachary or Benjamin for boys.

6. Do you participate in any sports?

I currently don't participate in any sports; however, in high school, I played both tennis and volleyball!

7. Favorite Book?

So hard to choose!  I think my all-time favorite book is The Other Boleyn Girl.  It is a historical fiction novel by Philippa Gregory that takes place in the early 1500s during the Tudor Dynasty, which is one of my favorite periods in history.

8. Favorite Color?

My favorite color is definitely BLUE!  I love all shades, but especially royal blues because they remind me of the ocean!

9. Favorite Animal?

My favorite wild animals are giraffes and elephants.  As for domestic animals, I love dogs and cats.  But if I had to choose between a dog and a cat, I would probably have to go with a cat because they are less maintenance.

10. Favorite perfume?

I do not have a favorite perfume; I actually don't wear perfume because the smells are always too strong for me.  I do enjoy the body sprays from Bath & Body Works, and my favorite scent from there is Sweet Pea.

11. Favorite holiday?

My favorite holiday is Christmas!  I absolutely LOVE decorating the Christmas tree and putting up Christmas lights!  They are my favorite!  Ever since I was little, I would spend the evenings leading up to Christmas, once the decorations are up, sitting around the Christmas tree reading.

12. Have you graduated High School?

I have graduated from High School, and I also recently graduated from college!!

13. Have you been out of the Country?

I have been out of the country; I studied abroad in Rome when I was in college, and I have also been to Mexico on vacations.  In fact, while you are reading this, I will be out of the country visiting London and Paris as a graduation from college trip!

14. Do you speak any other Languages?

Unfortunately, I don't speak any other languages.  I did take several years (maybe about 5 years) of Spanish classes during middle school and high school.  However, that was several years ago now.  :/

15. Do you have any siblings?

I do!  I have one older brother; he is three years older than me, and we do a lot together!

16. What’s your favorite store?

My favorite store is Amazon, if we are talking about online stores.  They just have everything there, including books!  However, my favorite stores to go to are probably Kohl's for clothes, Ulta for makeup and hair products (as well as nail polish), and Barnes & Noble for books (which I rarely go to since online book shopping is much cheaper).

17. Favorite Restaurant?

My favorites restaurants are Applebee's, as well as Panera Bread and Noodles & Company.  Depends on my mood.

18. Did you like school?

actually really do like school, and I always have.  I mean, I don't care for the stress of homework and exams, but I do love to learn new things!

19. Favorite YouTubers?

My favorite YouTubers include Laura Vitale (she does cooking videos as well as style videos), Dulce Candy, Nikki Phillippi, itsJudyTime, plus many BookTubers as well like Jamie and Katy!

20. Favorite Movie?

Ahh! So many favorite movies!  I really enjoy The Prestige, V For Vendetta, Saving Private Ryan, and Titanic.  However, I think my all-time favorite movie is Memento.

21. Favorite TV show?

Again, so many good shows to choose from.  I love Seinfeld, 30 Rock, South Park, and Breaking Bad.  But right now, I am obsessed with Veep!

22. PC or Mac?

I own a Mac laptop (but I also have a PC desktop).

23. What phone do you have?

I have the iPhone 5, and I love it!

24. How tall are you?

I always tell people that I am 5'9", but I think I am technically 5'8".  And yes, that extra inch makes a big difference to me!

Now it's your turn to answer these questions!

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