Sunday, March 29, 2015

Book Buying Obsession Tag

1) Do you have an obsession with buying books?

Haha! Maybe…

If I could buy all the books, I would, so yes, I think I have an obsession. :)

2) When, where, and how often do you buy your books? Do you go with anyone else or just by yourself?

I am in the process of not buying as many books.  Well, I am “trying” not to buy as many books, until I lessen my TBR pile.  However, I primarily buy most of my books online, either on BookOutlet or Amazon.  Occasionally, I will order online at The Book Depository or head to Barnes & Noble.  For a while, I was placing an order once a month, hence the book buying ban now, so currently, I am only buying books that I know I really want and that are on sale for a great deal.  Most of my book shopping is done alone, so I can take as long as I want!

3) What kinds of things attract you to books when browsing them? Is there a specific genre of books you automatically go look at?

I specifically check out the Young Adult section; however, I will look into the Adult Fiction area, specifically for some of my favorite adult authors like Philippa Gregory and Jodi Picoult.  I am also attracted to a book with an interesting and unique cover (I know, never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes you are just drawn to a certain cover); particularly I check out books that I have seen or heard talk of on Booktube.

4) Do you prefer your books new, used, or both?

I prefer my books new.  If I am spending money on my own personal copy of a book, then I want it to be brand new, and I try my best to keep them looking that way!

5) How much are you willing to spend on books each month?

Hmmm…probably about $30 a month.  I definitely have spent more in a month than that before, but that is probably the amount that I am actually comfortable with spending.  However, I am trying to cut back and catch up on my TBR now, so the monthly spending has been cut back.

6) Have you ever gone on book buying bans?

Yes! Currently on one!  I am not very strict with these; for example, if there is a sequel or a book for a bargain deal, I will go ahead and pick it up.  But, I try not to place any $30, large book orders every month.

7) How long does it take you to get around to reading recently bought books?

I usually get around to the books I buy pretty quickly, however, I am a little backed up, hence the large TBR and the book buying ban.  A little while back, I hauled some books from BookOutlet, and I haven’t read any of them yet. :/

8) Do you prefer to buy a lot of shorter, cheaper books or just a few longer, more expensive ones?

Hmmm, interesting question.  I like a good mix of both.  Regardless of the length of a book, if I am interested in reading it, I will purchase it if the price is within reason.  I can’t justify spending more than $15 on a single book though, so I guess I would have to say I would prefer to buy more shorter, cheaper books.

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