Sunday, March 8, 2015

J Law Book Tag

J Law Book Tag:

1. Swearing off social media: A book you refuse to read?

It’s hard to say that I would never read a book or that I would refuse to read a book, but I think the one that I just really don’t have any interest in reading is the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

2. The Oscar trip: A book/series that hit a snag?

I would have to say 13 Little Blue Envelopes and its sequel The Last Little Blue Envelope.  I thought this duo would be a fun, travel-themed novel, but I found the first book to be just ok, and I thought the second novel really hit a snag, especially in regards to the realistic nature of the novel.

3. The viral TSwift photobomb at the Golden Globes: A book/series you didn't know would get so popular?

I really didn’t think The White Queen by Philippa Gregory would become so popular because it is a historical fiction novel centering on the 1400s and 1500s in England.  I feel like that is a very specific genre, though I love it!  With its rise in popularity, the STARZ original series The White Queen was released (and they are talking about a spin-off series). 

4. Work with David O. Russel: Dysfunctional character you can't help but love?

I would definitely say Angela and Jenny from the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk!  These two main characters are so fun and crazy, and they are always causing trouble and having to work their way out!  They are dysfunctional in a fun and hilarious way, so of course you still love them!

5. Mystique: A villain who thinks they're doing what's right?

This is pretty much every dystopian novel, such as the governments in The Hunger Games as well as The Divergent series.  The authority figures in these novels consistently feel like they are doing what is best for the society.

6. Bradley Cooper: What author do you find yourself always coming back to?

Nicholas Sparks.  I have a love/hate relationship with his novels; some are too predictable for me, but I still love a good romance story.  Regardless, I still keep coming back to his books.

7. Spoiled for Homeland on National television: A plot line you were spoiled for?

OMG! Have you seen this video on YouTube?  Her reaction is priceless.  I was spoiled for The Fault in Our Stars.  Although, I feel like it wasn’t a huge surprise.

8. The Hunger Games: Favorite high profile series?

I actually really love The Hunger Games series as well as The Divergent series (and of course, Harry Potter!)

9. Everyone's obsession with being her best friend: A character you’d make your ultimate best friend?

Let’s be honest: Hermione.  It would just have to happen. :)

10. Everything she's ever said: Favorite comedic/snarky character?

In the effort of choosing a character that isn’t that well known, I am going to choose Marshall from Third Degree by Julie Cross.  I actually really enjoyed this book, and that is mostly because of Marsh.  He was a comedic character, not so much snarky, but he definitely made me laugh out loud at times!

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