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Red Carpet Day Job: A Book Review

I received this book for review from BookFish Books, and I was interested in reading it because it sounded like a cute, fun contemporary read.  Overall, I thought this book was cute, but it didn’t stand out to me as a great read.

Title: Red Carpet Day Job
Author: Tasha Cotter
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Publisher: BookFish Books
Publication Date: February 9, 2015
Pages: 137
Out in Paperback?: No
My Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Summary:

Most residents of New York City don’t have to wrestle their skirts from beneath roosting chickens, or clean egg yolk off their stilettos each day before work. But Sophie Waldrop does, thanks to the organic egg business her boyfriend Scott runs from their 5th floor walk-up. Though they were high school sweethearts, nothing can make up for Scott’s inattention now. Finally, Sophie works up the courage to send him and his chickens packing.

Then Sophie’s boss introduces her to Nick Jackson, the hottest up-and-coming actor in Hollywood. When Nick asks her to go to a red carpet awards show with him, Sophie can’t believe her luck. She never expected to meet Nick, let alone like him. And she certainly never expected him to like her, too.

When her dream job lands in her lap, Sophie rejoices that her hard work has finally paid off. But she soon finds out that being a busy agent to the stars is nothing compared to being Nick Jackson's new girlfriend. Tabloid tell-alls, Nick’s hectic schedule, persistent leading ladies, and Sophie’s own promotion and career ambitions further complicate their fairy-tale romance.

Can Sophie and Nick make their love last, or will their relationship be more like the paparazzi’s camera flashes—fast, bright, and fading?


Sophie, our main character, lives in New York and works at a talent agency.  Currently, she is an assistant, trying to work her way up at Ranwick Agency to a talent agent herself.  Sophie is a cute character; she isn’t annoying or hard to read, but I did find that her character lacked depth.  Her character seemed very flat, with no real development throughout the novel.  However, the novel was extremely short, so there really was no room for her character to grow and change.  Her high school sweetheart, Scott, runs a chicken farm from their apartment.  His character was very predictable, as he feared losing Sophie to the new client at the agency.  Nick Jackson, the biggest actor in Hollywood and a new client of the agency, begins working with Sophie, and as a result, the two are linked as a couple in several tabloids.  Nick’s character was cute, but predictable as well.  Although I enjoyed the conversations between Sophie and Nick, I didn’t find there to be much development of either character.


Sophie, an assistant at Ranwick Agency, strives to become a talent agent at the growing agency.  After meeting Nick Jackson, an A-list celebrity who is being recruited by the agency, the two are linked in the tabloids as a couple.  Sophie fears what this will do to her position and her chances of moving up in the company, especially as a relationship forms.  Overall, I felt the plot was very predictable, although it was cute as times.  I personally didn’t relate to some of Sophie’s worries and plights throughout the novel, which made it hard to connect. 

Writing Style:

As I have mentioned previously, I would have liked to see more development in the characters; I feel like I would maybe have connected to the story more.  I also would have liked to see some unique plot points; I think that definitely would have helped the story as well.  Overall, I did have some issues with this novel, but it was cute and a very quick read!

Have you read this book?  Let me know what you think below!

FTC Disclaimer:
This book was sent to me by BookFish Books for review.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.  No affiliate links were used.

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