Sunday, May 19, 2013

Book Jar!

The idea for book jars has been floating around the Internet and YouTube for several weeks now.  Several of my favorite booktubers have made videos sharing their book jars, and I thought it was the cutest idea!

Many of the jars I have seen help with lessening one’s To-Read pile.  However, mine is fairly under control (well, compared to others it is).  So I decided to do the reading jar a bit different.  Often times I know exactly what books I want to purchase for my next book order (most times I buy 3 for about $30 from Amazon, and I find that this is a good amount of books to have a variety of genres within my budget, and it doesn’t allow my To-Read pile to get too crazy).  But sometimes, I really cannot make a decision!  I pick out a couple books and then can’t decide what I want for the last book!  So my book jar consists of my To-Read/To-Buy pile.  I have SEVERAL books on my Goodreads bookshelf that I want to read eventually; so I took those titles, and I wrote them down on scrapes of paper and threw them all in a jar.  So the next time I don’t know what book I want to read/buy next, I will reach into this book jar! :)


Scraps of paper
A list of books you want to read but still have to buy (OR whatever you want your book jar to contain!)
I keep small scraps of paper from scrapbooking in color-coordinated bags. :)


1) Write down the book titles (I did authors too!) on your small scraps of paper.

Fun colors and patterns!

Some titles that are going in my book jar...
Some more titles that are in my book jar.
Finally done writing down ALL the titles ... this took A LOT longer than I thought!
2) Fold up your strips of paper.
1 down ... so many more to go! :/
Slowly but surely!
Making progress...
I see the end in sight!
All folded up!
3) Place them in your jar.
As you may notice, I had to buy a bigger jar.
I found this one at Goodwill for $2!
Completed! I can't wait to use it! :)
4) When you need your next book to read, pull one out and place it in your shopping cart!

Have you made a book jar recently?? Let me know in the comments below what your jar contains!

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